RVW, Inc. has long established roots, but distinct origins, in both engineering and architecture.

Raymond H. Reed and George Simpson formed a partnership in 1937 named Simpson and Reed, with offices in Abilene, Kansas and Quincy, Illinois. The partnership offered consulting engineering services in all disciplines, but worked primarily with electric utilities.

The partnership split up within a year and Reed took sole proprietorship of the Abilene office. The office was kept open while Reed served in World War II and upon his release from the service in 1945, he moved the firm to Columbus, Nebraska.

Charles M. Wurdeman practiced architecture in Columbus, Nebraska since the early 1900’s. His son, Harold, graduated in 1932 with a degree in civil engineering and joined the firm that became known as Wurdeman & Wurdeman. Harold was a licensed, professional engineer, architect, and land surveyor and continued the business after his father’s retirement.

In 1948, Reed and Wurdeman formed a partnership to better serve civil and municipal engineering and architectural clients. The partnership, known as Wurdeman & Reed Company, operated in conjunction with the Raymond H. Reed Company.

In 1952, Clarence F. Veach, who began working in Reed’s electrical practice in 1939, lead the firm into the growing field of telecommunications engineering.

In 1955, the Raymond H. Reed Company incorporated under the name “Raymond H. Reed & Co., Inc.” The office was at 2305 1/2 – 13th Street. Early corporation directors were Reed, his wife Betty and Clarence F. Veach. Francis E. Brown, Owen R. Gibbs, Ed F. Buss, Elmer O. Petsch and Victor M. Petersen were early stockholders.

In 1958 the partnership of Wurdeman & Reed Co. was merged into Raymond H. Reed & Co., Inc. and the corporate name changed to “Raymond H. Reed, Wurdeman and Associates, Inc.” The company’s office moved to 1370 – 31st Avenue.

In 1969 the name was changed to “Reed, Veach, Wurdeman & Associates, Inc.” Directors were Reed, Wurdeman, Veach, Petsch, and James M. Rosekrans. Wurdeman retired in 1976 and worked as a consultant nearly full time until his death in 1985. Raymond H. Reed retired in 1977 and passed away in 1978. Clarence F. Veach retired in 1982.

In late 1984 the Computer Services department, now called the Telecommunications Billing Department, began operating as a service bureau providing toll rating, billing and other services for telephone companies.

In late 1989, the company purchased the former Production Credit Association/Federal Land Bank building and moved to the 4118 Howard Boulevard location in May 1990. Coincidentally, this building was originally designed by RVW architects in 1979.

In 1996, the name was changed to “RVW, Inc.”

In August 1996, RVW, Inc. purchased the assets of Scheidegger Engineering Company, Inc., a long-time, Columbus based engineering firm. The purchase facilitated the retirement of Sam Scheidegger, provided his clients an established firm with which they could continue operations, and expanded RVW’s client base in the electrical utility engineering practice.

Today, RVW, Inc. provides comprehensive professional services in these areas:

Architectural Planning & Design
Electrical Power Engineering
Telecommunications Engineering
Telecommunications Billing
RVW is headquartered in Columbus, Nebraska.