Since 1986 RVW has worked closely with a variety of clients to plan, design and manage projects totaling over 35,000 miles of fiber optic cable including both Outside Plant and Electronics. RVW has completed over 250 Fiber-To-The Premise (FTTP) designs to date for 56 clients in 6 states. The projects have included town, rural, buried and aerial construction with a variety of optoelectronics. RVW has delivered virtually all (greater than 99 percent) of these projects on time and within budget.


RVW has an unequaled reputation with Outside Plant (OSP) contractors and equipment vendor’s for preparing high quality staking sheets, plans and specifications so that contractors and vendors can bid aggressively on projects without anticipating large change orders.

Central Office

RVW has been involved with the engineering of over 500 central office switching installations or upgrades and has extensive knowledge regarding switches including the most current soft switch technology.


RVW has assisted numerous clients with the design and evaluation of their IP networks to support existing and future voice, data and video services. RVW has designed and assisted with the implementation of IPTV service for many telecommunications and CATV companies’ projects. RVW also helps client’s identify network security issues.

Statewide Networks

SONET & IP Transport (10/100 Gig)

Planning & Design


RVW has worked with telecommunications companies, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) and municipalities with fixed and mobile wireless solutions supporting broadband data and voice service. RVW provides turnkey assistance including design, plans and specifications, bid evaluation, project management and performance testing.


RVW has specific experience assisting clients with regulatory and quasi-regulatory aspects of starting up competitive carrier operations.

RVW assists clients with practical aspects of interconnection agreements, special access, pricing and leasing arrangements.

RVW has experience assisting new CLEC clients with required North American Number Plan Administration (NANPA) number block requests, Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG) registration/activation, interconnection facility orders, and Local Number Portability (LNP) provisioning.

RVW experience with these aspects of CLEC voice service offering can pay large dividends in terms of meeting the critical service expectations of a client’s customers.


RVW has Professional Architects on staff with specific experience with the needs of telecommunications equipment and for coordinating the location, zoning, building setbacks, electrical, building codes and other requirements of equipment buildings and huts. Our Architects have long experience with the special needs of telecommunications equipment: floor loading, single point grounding, DC power systems, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), standby generators, fuel storage, etc.


RVW has the resources to meet each client’s requirements while still maintaining a personal touch with each client.


As a professional engineering firm, RVW, Inc. meets not only the letter of all statutes regarding professional engineering but also the intent. RVW is vigilant in avoiding conflicts of interest in our dealings with contractors and vendors, and does not compete with contractors and vendors.