Projects in the Telecom Billing department generally consist of building new features into our billing systems and modifications due to the ever-changing communications industry. These items are typically initiated by customer requests or due to new regulations and industry standards. Every new customer we take on is a unique project in itself because we customize our software and procedures to fit the customer’s needs. We know that many Telephone companies have similar billing needs, but we also realize that there is no “One Size Fits All” solution.

Here is what some of our clients have to say about us:

“RVW, Inc. is very knowledgeable in the communications industry. I have a lot of comfort knowing our billing is accurate due to the extensive commitment RVW, Inc. makes in their billing system, tariff rate updates, interpretation of industry regulation and on top of all that, they are very professional and friendly.”

Beverly Armstrong
Rainbow Communications

“With the ever changing environment in the telephone industry, the knowledge and assistance that RVW provides in all aspects of our business is unbeatable. The Billing Department is always accurate, dependable and is always ready to provide assistance with any request we have. Their staff can’t be beat!”

Linda McKain

“We’ve had RVW do our toll and CABS billing for over 10 years now. They’re not only accurate and timely, but also pro-active in alerting us to any tariff changes or regulatory issues that may affect other parts of our billing. Plus they’ve always responded quickly to any new reporting that we may need. Their whole team is top-notch!”

Lois & Kristi

“RVW has been doing K&M’s CABS and special circuit billing for 4 years. We have been extremely happy with their service. Their staff has been very helpful with any questions or issues. RVW’s help with late paying carriers has been everything we could want. I wish we had switched to their billing service much earlier than we did.”

Larry Woods
K & M Telephone Co.

“All of the staff at RVW have been very helpful in the past 10 years I’ve been at the telephone company. As billing clerk, the RVW employees have helped make my job much easier. Whether its billing, toll or CABS questions, it’s good to know they’re just a phone call away!”

Kathy Govig
Griswold Coop. Telephone Company