Our Roots
RVW has always been a customer-driven business with a key focus on fulfilling our clients’ needs. In the early 80s, a client of our Telecommunications Engineering Department and Architectural Services Department had a request – they asked us to do their telecommunications billing. They liked the way we did business and our attention to detail. How could we refuse a client in need? We couldn’t.
Since then, the Telecommunications Billing Department has grown dramatically. We continue to add new services such as Cable TV billing and Internet billing to keep pace with an ever-changing communications industry. As our client base continues to expand, we continue to grow to meet customer needs. The one thing that will never change is our commitment to provide the high quality of service and attention to detail that is the foundation of our company philosophy.

Why RVW?
Unlike some billing companies, RVW won’t just run your data through our systems and spit out a bunch of bills and reports. We analyze the data and look at trends to ensure accuracy. We also provide you with information that is useful and easy to understand – all in a timely fashion. Our Telecommunications Billing professionals are highly trained in technical and regulatory aspects of the telecommunications industry and because we work closely with our Telecommunications Engineering Department, we truly understand the technology behind the bills we create. This helps us do the job right the first time- thus saving you time and increasing your bottom line.

We understand how small telecommunications companies operate. Our goal is to make your job easier and give you the information you need to make good business decisions. Many of our services and reports can be custom-designed to meet your unique needs.

Billing Services

  • Convergent billing for ILECs and CLECs
  • Telephone Subscriber Local billing
  • Long distance rating and billing
  • Cable TV billing
  • Internet billing
  • Carrier Access Billing (CABS)
  • Reciprocal Compensation billing
  • IntraLATA Toll Compensation for PTCs
  • Purchase of Accounts Receivables (PARS)
  • Billing and Collection statements (B & C)
  • Wireless Terminating billing


Additional Services

  • Specialized Toll Studies
  • NECA settlement reporting
  • FCC Tariff #4 updating
  • Traffic and Network Analysis
  • Continuing Property Records
  • Tax District Allocations

Contact us for more information on how RVW can provide innovative solutions to your billing needs.