• Building Design
  • Planning, Studies, and Master Planning
  • Programming (determination & documentation of needs)
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Phase Services – bid/negotiation
  • Accessible Design (ADA)
  • Sustainable Design
  • Site Planning
  • Facility Assessment
  • Consultation
  • 3-D Animation, Visualization and Renderings
  • Code and Zoning Review
  • Unique knowledge of telecommunications and data center building requirements and design

“Architecture is both a fine art and a highly precise social and physical science. It is the creative process of organizing and ordering total environment and relating it to man for his physical and spiritual use, comfort and pleasure.”

Frank Lloyd Wright From 1929
At RVW, Inc., we bring the art and science of architecture together. From design creativity to technical accuracy, we focus on meeting your needs by producing the best in functional and cost-efficient architectural planning and design. RVW staff architects are licensed to practice in most Midwestern states and can generally obtain licensing in additional states when required. Whether your project is complex or simple, large or small, RVW can handle the job. Our pride is in turning your ideas and dreams into reality. We have done it for others, and we can do it for you. Let us show you how.