RVW Inc. has grown up with the telecommunications industry. Since 1952, we’ve been providing high quality engineering services. From open wire to fiber optics, from cord boards to softswitches, we’ve kept pace with changing technology, and assisted in the development of new technologies. For example, field work by RVW led to the implementation of cable attenuation specifications now used widely in the industry.

Our Telecommunications Engineering team has also conducted field trials of:

  • Fiber-optic terminals
  • Single mode fiber-optic cable
  • Basic Exchange Telephone Radio Service (BETRS)
  • Digital switching
  • Remote digital switching

For start-to-finish design and engineering for any size project, billing services, or facilities design and construction, turn to RVW for innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Planning and Design

  • Medium and Long Range Plans
  • Construction Work Plans
  • RUS Loan Designs
  • Feasibility studies

Project Management

  • Review specific project requirements
  • Prepare project schedule
  • Identify and review available suppliers and contractors
  • Prepare plans and specifications
  • Obtain and analyze bids
  • Contract administration
  • Plan cutover
  • Conduct acceptance tests
  • Cutover assistance
  • Track progress
  • Troubleshooting and on-site assistance

Access Systems
Coordinating Outside Plant with State-of-the-Art Transmission Systems

  • Backhoe Plow
  • Plow Fiber
  • Locate Bore
  • Bore Culvert
  • Insert Conduit
  • Fiber fed DLC
  • Fiber-to-the-Home
  • Copper twisted pair
  • DSL
  • Mapping: CAD and manual
  • Route Selection
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Staking
  • Construction phase engineering

Central Office Equipment

  • Digital switching conversion and upgrades
  • Softswitches
  • Packet Switching: ATM, IP
  • Translations assistance
  • Connecting company coordination
  • Grounding systems design and audits

Transport Equipment

  • Lightwave: SONET, DWDM, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Radio

Data Communications

  • Special service circuit provisioning and turn-up assistance
  • LAN WAN Network Design and Assistance


  • Coordinate power, grounding and air conditioning systems
  • Equipment and commercial building

Cable TV

  • Signal Surveys
  • Poleline coordination and Make Ready engineering
  • Strand mapping
  • Tap-by-tap design with bill of materials
  • Headend consolidation
  • Digital Headends
  • HFC
  • Cable modems


  • High Mobility
  • Fixed and Wireless Local Loop
  • Wireless ISP
  • Radio frequency path analysis and studies

Supplemental Services

  • Traffic analysis
  • Plant record preparation and maintenance
  • Continuing Property Records
  • Troubleshooting