From system analysis to final design and construction, RVW’s Electric Power Engineering team will help you find cost effective ways to meet your power system needs. Whether your project requires upgrading a single mile of line or complete planning and engineering services, we pay attention to the details which means you’ll pay less for construction, operation, and maintenance.

We provide a wide variety of services, some of which include:


  • Develop long-range plans, with projected budgets, to help you achieve an orderly expansion of the system
  • Develop construction work plans and recommend improvements that meet both near-term and long-term needs
  • System protection design and coordination
  • Conduct field observations
  • Conduct coordination studies and relay programming
  • Conduct motor starting analyses
  • Conduct rate and cost of service studies
  • Prepare oil spill prevention plans
  • Conduct system inventory and appraisal
  • Prepare Arc Flash Reports
  • Create FEMA approved hazard mitigation plans
  • Prepare FEMA project applications


  • Substation design
  • Transmission line design
  • Distribution line design and staking
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
  • Interconnect with small power producers

Plans and Specifications

  • Prepare and maintain a project schedule
  • Prepare detailed listing of work to be done
  • Prepare specifications and contract forms for bidding
  • Assist in bidding process, review of bids and recommendations

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping

  • Create a complete GIS for any type of facilities
  • Staking module linked to inventory
  • Overlays may include vehicle GPS locations, outages and state data
  • Training provided for GIS management
  • No software licensing required
  • Create, maintain and host Geographic Information System (GIS) databases
  • Annual updates based on client input

Project Management

  • Monitor construction schedules
  • Assist with contract administration details
  • Observe construction for conformance to specifications
  • Assist with final review and contract closing
  • Perform construction (work-order) inspections including a report of results

We are available to consult with you on a variety of electric power industry and engineering issues. Because of RVW’s integrated services, we can also help with your architectural needs. We:

  • Provide expert consultation on power system problems of all types
  • Assist in right-of-way acquisition
  • Provide expert witness testimony
  • Neutral-to-earth (stray) voltage investigations

In all service areas, we consider aesthetic and environmental factors, needs for future expansion, regulatory, and right-of-way requirements. Our designs are simple and understandable for easy construction, operation, and maintenance – the details that help us meet our goals for giving you good service and accurate results.