Good management is good business. RVW’s management team is comprised of experienced professionals, all with a long-term commitment to the philosophy: Doing what’s best for the client is everyone’s job. At RVW, teamwork is the key to successful, cost effective, and on-time project completion.

Mark D. MassmanPresident
Chief Telecommunications Engineer

“Communication is essential to any project. Communication with our clients allows us to fully understand their needs and goals. Communication within our company allows us to utilize the best minds to provide efficient, high-quality solutions to meet those needs.”

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Larry J. MaresChief Architect

“An architectural project demands knowledge of design, construction, codes, finances, politics, the environment, human nature and emotions. My goal is to orchestrate these elements into a successful building.”

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Douglas C. Hartman Chief Electrical Engineer

“I not only enjoy the design work but also the personal relationships developed when working with our clients.”

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Sharon AugustinTelecom Billing & Information Services Manager

“To know what our clients need and to give what they want — these are continual goals for me.”

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